Quorum Initiative partners with corporations around the world to create strategies to develop their female executives into dynamic and innovative leaders.


Corporate Sponsorship includes:

Opportunities to nominate your company’s high performing women for Quorum membership in New York, Washington D.C., and London

Hosting and co-branding of Quorum events

Speaking opportunities for your top female executives

Enhanced brand visibility as a company committed to women’s advancement

Consultation with co-founder of Quorum Initiative to create a strategy for increasing the effectiveness and impact of your organization’s women’s initiatives

Companies have the opportunity to promote their interest in investing in female talent by:

Demonstrating their investment in high performing women and retaining top talent

Providing women with broader professional connections

Making Quorum Initiative an opportunity for business development and connection with your clients

For more information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.


HOW Forum Sponsorship

Our annual HOW forum brings together 120+ executive women for a unique day of learning and exchange. It’s a great opportunity for companies to get involved. For more information about HOW forum sponsorship opportunities, please email us at info@thequoruminitiative.com.


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Quorum Initiative consists of smart, innovative and dynamic women. We'd be positively foolish if we didn't think you had valuable insight to contribute.


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